Spirit of Adventure Crowdfunder Goes Live

Spirit of Adventure Crowdfunder Goes Live
19 February 2020 Conrad

What do we hope to do and why?

In 2020 Plymouth will commemorate the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower

We want to connect disadvantaged young people with the Mayflower story through hands on adventures on traditional sailing boats – particularly children in care and those who would not usually get this type of opportunity.

With your help, 360 young people aged 10 years and upwards will each have a full day’s voyage experience as part of the Mayflower Ocean Festival in May 2020.

Spirit of Adventure

The young people who will benefit, with your help

There are currently over 400 children in local authority care in Plymouth as well as over 200 care leavers.  These children have had some of the most difficult starts in life leading to poorer life chances including educational attainment and mental and physical health.

We will work closely with Children’s Social Care and Barnardo’s to ensure that as many children as possible are able to work towards more positive life destinations by taking part in this project.

“Before sailing I never had any dreams to become anything.  I did not think about tomorrow, did not care about the future.  But now everything has changed.  When I am out on the water it is just the best feeling in the whole world.  I now have a reason to work and get my education.  I think all children should be able to experience the sea and being on the water.”

Joe, a 15 year-old in foster care who has sailed with the Island Trust

We’ll also work the following schools who have high numbers of disadvantaged children, including children who, when not at school, are caring for an adult family member on a full time basis.

  • The Cathedral School of St Mary, Stonehouse
  • High View Primary School, Efford
  • Drake Primary Academy, Devonport
  • Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Prince Rock
  • Keyham Barton Catholic Primary School, Keyham
  • Knowle Primary Academy, Ernesettle
  • Laira Green Primary School, Laira
  • Lipson Vale Primary School, Lipson
  • Marine Academy Primary School, St Budeaux
  • Victoria Road Primary School, St Budeaux
  • Montpelier Primary School (young carers), Beacon Park
  • Compton CE Primary School (young carers), Compton

The organisations involved

  • The Bounty Project was launched by professional yachtsman Conrad Humphreys in 2017 following his recreation of the famous voyage of Captain William Bligh after the infamous Mutiny on the Bounty, who along with 18 men successfully navigated 4000 miles to safety from Tonga to Timor across the South Pacific Ocean. The Bounty Project now brings that story to life for schools and teachers as a living history programme, linking core subjects in the national curriculum to central themes around resilience, creativity and mindset.
  • The Island Trust, transforms lives through day sailing and residential sail training voyages on board its fleet of three traditional sailing boats. They address the inequalities in access to the benefits of sailing activities by removing the financial and social barriers to participation. The Island Trust takes referrals from school and community groups, special schools and youth clubs.
  • Sailing Tectona aims to inspire people, of all ages and from all backgrounds, to make positive change in their life after participating in a traditional sailing adventure. Sailing their two wooden boats Tectona and Olga for a day or a week long voyage, on the open sea, provides the perfect opportunity for people to step out of their comfort zone. By overcoming challenges, they grow in confidence, develop resilience and achieve things they never thought they could.
  • The Lynher Barge CIC delivers education and training on the Plymouth waterways using Lynher, a Tamar sailing barge originally built in Calstock in 1896. The 18ft broad beam and stable hull displacement allows for people of any ability to crew the barge with the 60 tonnes volume cargo hold providing a warm and comfortable living space. The setting is designed to help young people to communicate and live together, encouraging teamwork and the thrill of shared adventures.

Please help us to give Plymouth’s young people the opportunity to experience the Spirit of Adventure this year!  

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