Bounty’s End to demo electric propulsion at Green Tech Boat Show

Bounty’s End to demo electric propulsion at Green Tech Boat Show
10 June 2021 Conrad

Press Announcement: Thursday 10th June

Bounty’s End, the replica launch that featured in Channel 4’s recreation of Lieutenant Bligh’s incredible voyage of survival will be on display at this year’s Green Tech Boat Show, organised by MDL Marinas. Professional yachtsman, Conrad Humphreys acquired the boat after filming the Channel 4 recreation, Mutiny in 2016 and launched the Bounty Project, a living history programme for schools and young people in 2017.

In 2018, Conrad Humphreys and heritage boat builder, Mark Edwards MBE installed an inboard electric motor into Bounty’s End, to enable wider use of the vessel for education and training purposes. Conrad also wanted a solution that would enable him to undertake longer voyages without the need for a support boat. The final solution involved installing a Lynch electric motor, powered by 4 x 160Ah Rolls AGM batteries. The Lynch Motor is regenerative and charges the batteries when the boat is under sail.

Bounty’s End, the first commercially operating electric passenger vessel operating in Plymouth Sound is a fantastic showcase for what can be achieved with a vessel designed in 1700’s.

She will berthed in Queen Anne’s Battery Marina on the visitor pontoon from Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th June, 09:00am- 16:30pm and available for short demonstrations which can be booked online.

If you would like to book a tour on Bounty’s End (6 people), please contact Conrad Humphreys, 07720 287674, email:

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About the Bounty Project

The Bounty Project was launched in 2017 by triple round the world yachtsman, Conrad Humphreys following the successful television series, Mutiny for Channel 4.

Conrad was the professional skipper during the recreation of Lieutenant Bligh’s 4000 mile open boat journey, where a small crew managed to survive the same ordeal that Bligh and his men faced in 1789. Following the successful series, Conrad purchased the replica boat from Channel 4 and launched a “living history” programme with schools across the UK. More recently, he has opened a new Bounty Centre at Mount Batten, Plymouth with the vision to create a living history centre that provides a new era of education and exploration.

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Our vision for Living History and Clean Exploration

The Bounty Project mission is to create a living history centre for education and exploration. Utilising Smart Sound Connect, we plan to fit Bounty’s End out with remote sensors and cameras utilising Vodafone’s 5G network in Plymouth Sound. Our vision is to take schools on incredible journeys of exploration and to showcase how the historical voyages of the early 1800’s have shaped our modern day thirst for adventure and discovery. As we look ahead to the next 10 years and celebrate the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook and the 200th bicentenary of Charles Darwin and Captain Robert Fitzroy.

About the Green Tech Boat Show 19th-20th June 2021

Brand new for 2021, The Green Tech Boat Show will take place on 19 to 20 June at Queen Anne’s Battery, Plymouth.

At MDL, we’re fully committed to a cleaner, greener future. Over the last few years, we’ve been truly delighted to watch the scales tip from the minority aiming to be environmentally responsible to the majority. We also know that boat owners want to see the revolution that’s taking place in their work environments reflected in their leisure time.

But it’s confusing. While more and more companies in the marine world are focused on bringing green technologies to the fore in practical ways to enhance sailing experiences, some consumers can struggle to unpick the sustainable options now available to them.

This is why we’re putting together an event that presents the information in a practical way, showcased next to other green technologies. This will allow consumers to understand what the total offering could be, and how they can help the environment by investing in green technology today.

The show is specifically designed for boat owners wishing to make the switch to greener options, and prospective owners who’d like to start their boating journey in the most environmentally friendly way possible. You can also enjoy live music, trips around the harbour in an electrically powered ferry, and delicious food and beverage on-site.

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