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About the Bounty Project

Professional yachtsman Conrad Humphreys launched the Bounty Project in 2017 after recreating the incredible voyage of Lieutenant William Bligh, who along with 18 men, survived the 4000 mile open boat journey after the Mutiny on the Bounty. The voyage was part of a five part series produced by Windfall Films for Channel 4.

Conrad was appointed as the professional skipper for the recreation was responsible for preparing the crew for the voyage and the navigation, which like Bligh relied on traditional methods using a sextant and dead reckoning. After the voyage, Conrad acquired Bounty’s End, the boat that was constructed by Mark Edwards MBE and launched the Bounty Project, as a living-history programme for schools and people to experience some of the Bligh story.

To-date, Conrad has given over 50 talks to schools, colleges and corporate audiences. His speaking tour, “The Audacious Voyage” in 2017-18 sold out and he is now taking the boat to major events, schools and festivals across the UK.

In 2018 we installed an electric motor into Bounty’s End and after a period of research, settled on fitting a 8kw Lynch regenerative motor that re-charges whilst under sail. The benefits of an electric motor are huge, with no noise (or pollution), the Bounty Project is able to take young people out on the water safely. Bounty’s End is MCA coded to Cat 4 and is the first commercially operated electric passenger boat in Plymouth. 

“Our ambition is to create a living history legacy from the Channel 4 series and inspire young people to take a leaf from Lieutenant Bligh’s book and venture out into the world with confidence, resilience, courage and determination.”


Our Aim is to Inspire Young People

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