Surviving 4000 miles

Re-creating Bligh's open boat voyage for Channel 4


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In the summer of 2016, Conrad along with eight cast were cast adrift to recreate the original voyage of Captain William Bligh after the infamous Mutiny on the Bounty. The recreation was part of a major television series for Channel 4 with the international rights sold to MGM.

“When Windfall Fills approached me to skipper the recreation, there were two questions I needed to satisfy – was the boat being built up for the 4000 mile voyage and were the crew experienced enough to undertake the journey….neither of those questions could be answered”

Making a TV series brought added pressures – Channel 4 wanted their top talent, Ant Middleton to be the Captain and cast crew members that would potential cause problems onboard. Even Bligh, who took a cutlass to his crew, didn’t have experienced crew members to keep in line.

International yachtsman Conrad Humphreys has been working with History Hit on new documentary series Conrad’s River Journeys, exploring the rivers of Devon and Salcombe estuary. The area is famous for its high moorland and fast-flowing rivers, which cut stunning valleys and gorges and flow into estuaries on the coast.

The series sees Conrad explore each river from top to bottom in his one-of-a-kind lugger, Bounty’s End, meeting a myriad of interesting people along the way to talk about history of the rivers and the sailing boats that have shaped the local area. 

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